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An Amazing Journey

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An Amazing Journey

Learning Quantum-Touch and experiencing the sometimes unimaginable results has been an amazing journey. In healing others, I have experienced continual healing in my own body as one of the "side-effects." I wish I had taken pictures of my body before I started as I have experienced straightening in my toes and fingers.

Over time I realized some of the upper vertebrae have lined back up and over a period of four months, tendinitis in both my ankles resolved itself. I had suffered with my ankles for over a year. When I started Quantum-Touch I was also having a lot of knee pain. I had been taking ibuprofen and darvocet, plus using lidocaine patches on my knees and ankles. Today I have no knee pain and only one of my ankles gives me problems, but not everyday. Very recently I have also noticed it to almost be gone. I haven't taken darvocet in about a year, only use ibuprofen occasionally as needed. I don't need the patches anymore either.

Recently, I noticed my knees aren't crackling anymore. I still pop, but I don't crackle. Climbing stairs is also becoming easier. I still don't run up and down them, but there has been definite improvement. Instead of huffing and puffing 15 min. afterward, my breath returns back to normal rather quickly and doesn't get as bad to begin with. All of this has been a benefit of working on others.
(six month update-both ankles fine, knees not even popping now, still no darvocet or pain patches.)

All though I don't diagnose or  treat specific problems, Quantum-Touch appears to have repaired a jammed finger, a dislocated shoulder, may have reduced kidney stones, improved pinched nerves, stiff necks, back pain, some bones have even healed faster than normal. It may have worked on many other ailments as well.

Quantum-Touch is a natural method of aiding the body to heal itself, sort of giving it a jump start or boost if you will. It is a laying on of hands method that sends energy into the body which goes where it is needed the most. Many times it only takes 10-15 minutes, but could take more than an hour. Sometimes only one session is needed, but some problems, especially very chronic ailments, can take multiple sessions. There is no guarantee how long a session will last. It could be a couple of hours, a couple of days, or forever.

Energy work will in no way interfere with a medical doctor's care and could help speed recovery when used in conjunction with medical treatment. Although there are no guarantees, most people start receiving results within minutes.

Quantum-Touch is not a medical treatment and is not meant to be used in place of regular medical care by a licensed medical professional. Energy work is considered experimental and is not covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. There are no guarantees that Quantum-Touch will produce desirable results. If you have not had any results within three sessions, then Quantum-Touch may not be an effective modality for that particular problem.  


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